Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Read

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Whether your child is six or sixteen, there are many reasons why you should encourage them to read. If they find the right book, reading can be educational, relaxing, entertaining and even inspirational. Below, a senior school in Surrey explore the many reasons why parents should encourage their kids to read.

Reading is Educational

Reading is arguably one of the best ways to learn new information. If your child reads a variety of books, both fictional and factual, their general knowledge is sure to improve. They might even end up teaching you some interesting information!

Reading Expands Vocabulary

Research has shown that the more a person reads, the greater their vocabulary. If your child comes across terminology in one of their books that they don’t understand, they’ll be able to look it up online or in a dictionary to find the meaning.

Reading Improves Ability to Write

When your child reads, they become more and more familiar with different sentence structures and the rhythm of words. This, teamed with enhanced vocabulary, will improve their ability to write. This will help them across a range of essay based academic subjects as well as in the future when they come to applying for jobs. What’s more, it might also help them if they ever want to write their own story.

Reading Helps with Relaxation

Does your child struggle with stress or have difficulty falling asleep at night? If so, reading might be a solution for them. Reading is a form of escapism and allows a person to forget their worries and immerse themselves in a good story.

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