Will Florida Abolish The Common Core? (Spoiler Alert: Probably Not)

Feb 12, 2019 by

Newly-elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced last week that he will, via executive order, remove every “vestige” of Common Core from the state.

Unless he changes his announced plan, he probably won’t.

Florida is unique in the US when it comes to education reform; they have embraced almost every idea to come down the pike. According to a report issued by the pro-choice, DeVos founded and funded, American Federation for Children, $2.4 billion was put into the three major types of voucher programs in the US, and $956 million of that was spent in Florida. They have generally ranked only behind California, Texas and Arizona for total number of charter schools. But they have never warmed up to the Common Core Standards.

When Rick Scott was governor, he promised that the state would have its own Florida standards to replace the Common Core. It was a cheap political stunt. As was the case in many states, the change was largely cosmetic with the actual substance of the standards remaining largely unaffected.

Governor DeSantis is promising a much more thorough purge. He announced that he has directed newly appointed education chief Richard Corcoran to get the whole business ripped out and replaced within a year. That’s a problematic choice; Corcoran is seen as someone whose main educational interest has always been dismantling public education and selling off the parts; the St. Augustine Record, mincing no words, called him a hack. The notion that he will be in charge of designing that standards that public schools must live by is concerning; certainly, if I wanted to cripple public schools, sticking them with a sudden need to replace all their English and math textbooks would be one way to do it. But it’s not the reason that DeSantis’s plan is likely to fail. That can be found in this quote:

DeSantis said his executive order also calls for Corcoran to “streamline some of the testing”

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