Will Online Teaching Become More Common in Future?

Apr 29, 2020 by

Benefits Of Online Tutoring Vs In-Person Tutoring: What Parents Say

The closing of schools has currently forced teachers to work online, whether it’s doing face to face lessons over video chat, or assigning work on sites like Google Classroom. This type of teaching has come about as a necessity, due to social distancing, but once this crisis is over, will teaching online become a more common practice? Here are some reasons why teachers may need to brush up on their tech skills and prepare for the future.

This may not be the only lockdown in your career

The Covid-19 pandemic has been unprecedented, and something that no teacher will have faced in the past. However, it doesn’t mean this is the only time they’ll go through a lockdown in their career. Further outbreaks and lockdowns are likely in the future, which means that even once you’re back in your classroom, there’s a chance you may have to go back to teaching online again.

While teachers were mostly unprepared for lockdown the first time around, the good news is, they know a bit more what to expect this time. Keep up to date with the latest technology and best educational software, and you will be able to switch to online teaching much more seamlessly.

There has been an increase in demand for online tutoring

Those who work in education may want to look at the success of online tutoring in recent years. Online tutoring has become a billion-dollar industry, allowing children around the world to enjoy quality education from qualified professionals. While tutoring is a lot different to teaching and has the advantage of being in smaller groups, the success of online tutoring agencies shows that kids are becoming more open to being taught from home.

Improving your skills in online teaching could also help you land a well-paid tutoring role. Many teachers also tutor part-time during the summer months, so this could open up a whole new side hustle for you.

There are plenty of resources to help with online teaching

While the lockdown has been extremely tough for teachers, one positive aspect is that there are plenty of resources online to help you through the process. Many teachers want to find ways to use EdTech in the classroom, but may be wondering how to do so, and the lockdown is the perfect time to find ways to use it.

EdTech can be extremely helpful for drawing up online lesson plans because:

  • The apps and software provide fun, interactive ways to teach different subjects
  • Kids feel like they’re getting screen time, which is fun, but they are actually learning something
  • It takes some of the pressure off teaching, cutting down on paperwork and marking, and can make it easier to track students’ progress
  • EdTech can be good for kids who have non-traditional learning styles

Just a few months ago, if you had asked teachers whether online teaching would become more common, most of them probably would have said no. However, being in lockdown has shown that online teaching could become more common in future, and that it’s possible for children to access a good quality education wherever they are. It’s likely to be something that teachers will do more of in the future.

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