Will statewide general-education levy work?

Jun 30, 2013 by

By Beth Hawkins –

Regular readers of this blog will know that the possibility of a uniform, statewide general-education levy is a topic Your Humble Blogger returns to again and again. And there are plenty of public education advocates who believe a return to the school financing system that was in place until 2003 would create a more equitable, stable funding base.

There is a counterargument, which holds that school districts have sought operating referenda not because of the move away from a gen ed levy but because of other factors. Today, this space contains that brief, courtesy of Jim Bartholomew, education policy director of the Minnesota Business Partnership [PDF].

I know, Bartholomew’s state Chamber of Commerce ties suggest he’s predisposed to look askance at most taxes. But he’s a thoughtful participant in education policy circles and an advocate of a competitive workforce, among other things.

Without further comment I append a document Bartholomew sent me in response to a recent story, which he circulated during the legislative session. Agree? Disagree? I offer you the comments thread.

via The argument against statewide general-education levy | MinnPost.

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