Wise Words from JFK Democrats Would HATE Today

May 25, 2017 by

This is just sad.

Kimberly Morin reports that in an interesting article about the Democrat Party’s shift to the left, a BuzzFeed author seems to think this happened only since Donald Trump was elected.

Story. It’s actually even amazing BuzzFeed noticed it, but someone did and they don’t seem too alarmed by it. From Buzzfeed:

While the president has merely reduced his own party into a panicked mess, the Democrats’ trajectory seems to have moved subtly and decisively away from the center-left Clinton liberalism toward a politics whose planks make Barack Obama look like Al Gore.


I know, it’s been a distracting month. So you’re forgiven if you missed the big development on the Democratic Party policy front: the call for “a large-scale, permanent program of public employment and infrastructure investment.” That plan, titled “A Marshall Plan for America,” came not from Bernie Sanders but from the Center for American Progress, the Clintonite Washington think tank John Podesta led. The proposal breaks in tone and substance with the Clinton–Obama focus on an economy led and dominated by the private sector.

They go on to talk about how Democrats now want single-payer, government-run healthcare. Of course, this is nothing new if you’ve been paying attention.

Extreme left-wingers. The Democrat Party was taken over by extreme left-wingers right around the same time Barack Obama was running for office. Of course, Obama pretended not to be an extremist, but he was. Somehow Buzzfeed missed the past eight years when the Democrat Party expunged most of the remaining JFK-style Democrats from their party.

It was over the past eight years that Americans got a taste of how extremely left the Democrat Party has become and why they were repudiated during the 2016 elections across the country.

Failed ideology. The extremists who now rule the Democrat Party continue to push far-left ideology that has been a failure everywhere it’s been tried, whether in the U.S. under the failed presidency of FDR, or ideas like single-payer healthcare that are a failure in European countries.

These people can’t seem to grasp the reality of their policies, even when proof smacks them in the face.

Why this matters? Recently DNC Chair Tom Perez told any Democrats who were pro-life that they didn’t belong in the party. The party has continually pushed for severe gun control measures that only hurt law-abiding citizens when, believe it or not, many rank-and-file Democrats actually believe in the right to bear arms. Democrats also continually ignore the failure of public education thanks to their incestuous relationship with unions, who care absolutely nothing about children.

The list goes on and on and on. While Democrats were pushing for trans bathroom bills, Americans were worrying how they were going to pay their outrageous healthcare bills thanks to Obamacare.

While Democrats were trying to suppress the free speech of those who disagree with them, Americans were worrying about how to pay their ever-increasing utility bills, grocery bills, rents, and mortgages.

Democrats have been out of touch with Americans, including the members of their own party, for years. They have been co-opted by extremists of the left-wing kind, and rather than tossing them on their Marxists a$$es where they belong, they’ve embraced them — to their detriment.

Source: Wise Words from JFK Democrats Would HATE Today | The Federalist Papers

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