Women’s Sports Companion: What Athletes Should Know About Menstrual Cups

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With women becoming more active and athletic in this era, one can really say how time has changed since the early times. However, there is this women’s time of the month in which no woman is exempted from this biological condition, and this is widely known as menstruation or period.

If you are a go-getter champion of a woman then certainly having a period isn’t going to stop you from training on a particular sport, right? yet stopping mid-race to switch out your tampon due to your heavy flow isn’t exactly fun, nor the need to find a bathroom in the middle of your long-distance bike ride.

Any woman athlete may have a routine during her period. Running (or any exercises), going into the bathroom, and going through a period hassle since even large tampon might not be able to handle a heavy flow. Does this ring a bell? Well, here’s what might help you out as an active, sporty woman: menstrual cups. Want to know more? Then dig in! As we tackle about how menstrual cups like the daisy menstrual cup.

What is the Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is like a tampon which is inserted inside a woman’s vagina. However, it is a flexible device which is usually made of silicone or latex rubber which resembles an upside-down bell with a solid ring on its top. Instead of absorbing blood, it catches and collects the flow wherein Dr. Conway, M.D stated that it is some kind of a baggie for your cervix.

Here are some fast facts on menstrual cups:

•    You can wear it for 6 to 12 hours depending on your menstrual flow

•    It is safer than tampons

•    Menstrual cups hold more blood making you frequently change 2.8 times less with 0.5 times fewer leaks, than tampons and sanitary pads.

How Does Switching to Menstrual Cup Help Me as an Athlete?

Yeah sure, the menstruation cup might sound really handy but what more can it help you with? Surely it piques your interest into switching, right? Especially with all the benefits mentioned above, so as an athlete, what could it possibly offer more to you?


Since menstrual cups are inserted into the cervix, it can mean that it can adapt to your body movement and withstand some pretty extreme sports. This also means to say that you do not have to worry and wonder all the time if your menstrual cup can handle various angles of your body, whether you’re out practicing for swimming or doing some yoga poses, and other types of physical activity.

Not to mention, that menstrual cups are also an excellent choice for swimmers since you won’t be dealing with strings showing up near your lady flower. Lastly, even if you work out vigorously, the cup will stay in place and do its thing while you do your own.


Unlike the sanitary pads that would really make you feel uncomfortable when you’re out there cycling or even just jogging, menstrual cups can make you forget that you also actually have your day today. As the renowned magazine, Women’s Health has stated, cups can be much comfortable during exercises than the tampons since cups are recommended especially if you’re doing a sport that can cause chafing in that area.

Tested Through Time

When there’s an upcoming competition, and you need to set a new personal record, you do not want to waste time by switching out a new pad or be uncomfortable while getting a new record. Thankfully, menstrual cups can be left up to 12 hours without you worrying over leaks and other period problems—just enough time to focus on your practice and new time record.


Nothing should stop a woman from achieving her goals and dreams—not even periods. Even though menstruation is not really a great hindrance in most athletes, having an uncomfortable period for a week would still make you feel the feelings of frustration and worry. Which is why it would be best to choose the best menstrual product for you, and that might be using the women’s holy grail: menstrual cups.

Lastly, know your product and what cup would suit best for you. You should read more about menstrual cups in terms of its sizes, and how-to’s so you’ll be able to go through your period day without any issues or anxiety.

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