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The needs of workers vary a lot depending on the profession. But some issues are uniquely prominent in certain industries. Teachers always have to deal with grading, for instance. Accountants almost always have an increased workload during tax seasons. Sometimes, these problems are unavoidable. But if you own or manage a business, you need to focus primarily on two things: Making sure your employees are safe, and making sure your employees are comfortable. If you aren’t giving your employees the tools to do their job safely and relatively smoothly, then you need to take a more critical look at your managerial skills.


A worker has different rights depending on the type of work they do and the state in which they’re performing that work, but generally speaking, safety is something that you absolutely cannot cut corners on. If, for instance, the back door to your office is blocked by a heavy piece of equipment, then that’s probably a fire hazard, and you need to get that taken care of as soon as possible. Don’t wait for someone to call in a tip to OSHA, either. If OSHA stops by for a visit, then you may very well run into other problems.

Do you work in construction, or do you do something else that regularly requires your employees to climb on top of roofs or other high structures? Then you have to invest in harnesses and other fall protection gear. If you aren’t sure what kind of gear you need, contact the fall protection professional to get a better idea of your options. Don’t let your employees tell you they’re too smart or agile to fall, either. That’s how you end up with a maimed employee and a major lawsuit. You could compare not using a harness to not using a seatbelt when you’re driving a car, but it’s even worse than that, since most of us don’t drive cars across rooftops. If they can’t wear the proper safety equipment, then they may have to find a different job. Don’t back down on this. Unless your employees can offer convincing proof they can fly, then they have to wear the equipment. And honestly, if they can fly, they’re probably Superman in disguise, which is nice for them.


The old ways of doing things are not necessarily better. There’s a reason most of us go to the store and buy a tub of butter rather than churning our own in the kitchen. Our time is valuable, and we have better things to do.

The same is true of your employees. You want them to be able to focus on their work as much as possible. Some distractions are inevitable, of course. But not all of them have to be.

Medical billing, for instance, feels a lot like churning butter. It’s confusing and complicated. Insurance company pricing is hard to understand most of the time. Then there’s all the paperwork that has to be filed and put away and then retrieved again.

If your employees have to deal with billing the old-fashioned way, then they’re probably stressed out and frustrated. You need to upgrade to a fully integrated billing and claims management system like the one offered by Open Practice Solutions.  Your staff will have more flexibility, and more flexibility leads to better time management. Insurance companies may cling to the past, but that doesn’t mean your practice has to. Your staff will have more time to spend attending to the needs of patients, which will lead to happier patients and happier employees. You’ll wonder why you didn’t ditch the butter churn sooner.

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