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tea-party-against-obamacareby Donna Garner



Investor’s Business Daily stated on 9.6.13 that In the industries in which wages are low and the numbers of uninsured tend to be high, workers’ hours are being cut to below 30 hours per week – the point at which health coverage mandates for employers kick in.


Because the 2015 fines from Obamacare for the employer mandate will be based on staffing levels by mid-2014 at the latest, it is certainly possible that employers are already making the difficult decisions to cut their employees to below 30 hours per week — )





On 10.17.13, Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) released a list of 351 employers who have  made cuts to work hours or staffing levels because of Obamacare:


Here is the IBD list of 101 school districts that have also had to cut work hours and staffing levels because of Obamacare (e.g., substitute teachers, bus drivers, paraprofessionals working with disabled students, cafeteria workers, etc.)  —





by Donna Garner



Obama does not want people to buy their insurance from a private company because he wants to drive everyone into a single-payer healthcare system where the government decides who lives or dies.  This gives Big Government ultimate power!




Obama wants insurance companies to have to raise their rates because this will cause people to leave their private companies and go into the healthcare exchanges.  In the interim, people who pay for their own healthcare premiums will see those costs skyrocket.  This will eventually drive the insurance companies out of business which is the ultimate plan by Obama.



From Jim DeMint:


There’s a reason Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently claimed that ObamaCare will lead to a single-payer health-care system: It happens to be true.


Once employers drop health coverage for their low and middle-wage workers, the majority of Americans will be dumped into tightly regulated health exchanges and granted a “choice” of plans that will be more alike than different.


The quality of care will suffer, access to doctors and plans you once had and liked will be reduced, and America will deteriorate into a two-tier health system—one in which the well-off can still buy quality coverage, but most Americans are consigned to poor care through the exchanges and Medicaid. (10.17.13 –Wall Street Journal


Donna Garner


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