Worksheet: New York students pretend to be heroin users to set personal budget

Oct 31, 2013 by

NEW YORK – This is a middle school New York state’s student worksheet of the day: What would your budget look like as a heroin user?

Is this appropriate material for 15 year old students to learn about the dangers of heroin use?  Is the primary reason not to use drugs a financial decision?

These questions may be an accompaniment to a video from Human Relations Media, the company that produced this worksheet on Cocaine and Heroin.  Watch the video clip and determine if you think this dissuades students from using/experimenting with drugs or if it introduces a myriad of drugs to them and piques their interest.

I can’t find a mention of this material being aligned to Common Core.  I’m calling the company today at 1.800.431.2050 (you might call them with any questions you have) to determine if this is aligned to the standards.  I’d like to know if this is an example of cross curricular activity integrating health curriculum with math and ELA standards.

Look at the last question and how it was answered.  How serious does this student consider this exercise?  Is it really effective?  Will students not use heroin because it will strain their budgets?

Worksheet: New York students pretend to be heroin users to set personal budget – powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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