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2.29.15 – The College Solution


[This article is written by a writer named Lynn O’Shaughnessy who admits later on in the article to being a strong proponent of the Common Core Standards (CSI). However, after O’Shaughnessy explains how very difficult and how closely aligned to the CCS the College Board’s new 2016 SAT will be, he/she interestingly encourages this year’s sophomores to take the present SAT (implemented in 2005) or else to take the ACT. 


[The redesigned Common Core-aligned SAT will be given in the spring of 2016.]


What I am anxious to find out is whether the redesigned 2016 SAT Writing section will retain the similar sub-sections and sub-scores of the present SAT (i.e., SAT Reasoning Test) which has three parts – Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. 


The Writing section presently has two sub-scores – essay and grammar/usage (multiple-choice questions).  The grammar/usage section is weighted heavily — 70% of the Writing score — and is made up of 49 multiple-choice grammar/usage questions. The essay only counts 30%.


The College Board added the grammar/usage to the 2005 SAT because of the downward spiraling of students’ English proficiency skills, and the 70% sub-score was meant to entice K-12 teachers across the country to emphasize correct grammar/usage in their classrooms.


Because of the advent of technology devices and the social media, however, students’ grammar/usage skills have grown increasingly worse in the last few years.  Will the new redesigned SAT continue to emphasize correct grammar/usage by weighting that section heavily (70%)? 


If I were to offer a guess, I would say the new redesigned and Common Core-aligned SAT will de-emphasize English proficiency; and if there is any grammar/usage on the test at all, it will be given minimal scoring weight.  This de-emphasis on grammar/usage will lead to the further erosion of the English language. – Donna Garner]  




1.29.15 – “Why You Should Worry About the New SAT Test” – by Lynn O’Shaughnessy – The College Solution — http://www.thecollegesolution.com/why-you-should-worry-about-the-new-sat-test/

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