Would you go to university to become a social media influencer?

Nov 16, 2019 by

By Rachel Graham –

Ever fancied becoming an influencer but weren’t sure how to do it?

Well, that could all change thanks to a new diploma that’s launched in Dubai.

The UAE city is a hotspot for the world’s posers and has a massive influencer culture already.

Now, even more aspiring social media influencers could be flocking to the city as the new course promises to teach trainees public speaking, how to develop creative content and recognise fake news.

Although it doesn’t promise it will make you instafamous, nor that you’ll be inundated with travel offers and free samples that make the lifestyle appealing to many, it will feature well-known influencers as guest speakers.

The course is also set to cover a social media strategy “aligned with the UAE’s vision” and the etiquette required to “represent UAE citizens”.

The diploma, run by the Dubai Press Club in collaboration with Mohamed him Rashid School for Communication and the American University in Dubai, welcomed its first cohort of 20 students last month. The course takes around eight months to complete, featuring six modules and accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education.

“In light of the growing impact and role of social media platforms on various levels, ensuring that these platforms provide reliable information and high-quality content is of great importance,” said Mona Al Marri, President of the Dubai Press Club.

It comes after a survey by tour operator First Choice found 34% of six-to-17-year-olds would like to be a YouTuber when they grow up. Meanwhile another 18% reported they’d like to take up blogging or vlogging as a career.

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