How to Write the Perfect College Essay

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Applying for a college placement comes with various requirements. However, a good and unique college essay can make a big difference. Crafting a college essay takes time and can be quite tedious. Students who find writing college essays a difficult task can find college essays for sale online.

It is important though to bear in mind that a good essay plays a big role in determining whether or not a student gets a placement chance in the institution. While various colleges rely on high school grades to gauge a student’s ability some get overwhelmed by numerous applications. For this reason, they are likely to rely on the recommendation letter and essay to determine what sets one student apart from the other.

Why is the College Essay so Important?

A student’s essay connects them with their admission officers. It enables them to understand who the student is. An essay reveals students’ personalities and their writing prowess, something that grades are unable to reveal. The following tips can help students come up with a striking college essay.

  • Brainstorm the beginning

Perhaps the most difficult part of an essay is the beginning. Students should take time, think, and reflect about who they are. Understanding their own selves helps them define their strengths and personalities appropriately. Additionally, they can also write about things that make a great impact in their lives such as experiences, people, or even memories.

  • Put your thoughts in a draft

Thought and ideas have a way of flowing once one has started writing. Of course, a draft is prone to mistakes but this should not cause any worry. Students should strive to organize and outline their draft first and leave the perfecting for the final draft.

  • Organize your essay

A good essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. It is up to the student to develop these parts and decide whether or not to include examples or even illustrations. Remember, the introduction part does not have to be longer than one paragraph.

  • Identify a creative angle but remain precise

One of the main aims of a college essay is to convince admission officers to enroll students in their institution. Students should first carry out extensive research about the institution. This helps give them an overview of what it entails and how they can incorporate that into their essays. It is, however, important to remain focused and precise to ensure statements do not contradict the essay’s objective.

  • Always tell the Truth

Some students get the temptation to answer questions according to what they presume the admission officers would like to hear. This does not only spoil the student’s reputation, it is likely to deny the student a college placement. Admission officers can be able to differentiate between honesty and lies.

  • Involve your friends and family members

Any writer is prone to making grammatical or even spelling mistakes. Sharing your draft with friends and family enables them spot errors and correct them where possible. A third party can identify mistakes that the student would have otherwise skipped.


Students should take the time to proofread their final copy. This is important as it helps them identify possible errors. Involving third party in proofreading the final copy helps students submit grammatically correct essays.

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