This is the wrong way to close schools

Feb 17, 2017 by

Ingrid Jacques –

Natasha Baker has gotten the attention of schools around the state.

After years of fairly passive interaction with poor-performing schools, Michigan’s school reform officer has put 38 schools on notice — and the families who send children there — that these buildings could close.

But here’s the problem: The School Reform Office is not offering parents good alternatives. That’s an essential part of this equation. It’s not enough to shutter a building. You have to give families something better in return, and be transparent about how that process will work.

Parents are justifiably concerned.

The schools on the closure list certainly deserve scrutiny. They have landed on the state’s lowest 5 percent of schools for at least three years in a row. Most of them — 25 — are in Detroit.

Source: Jacques: This is the wrong way to close schools

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