WSU student uses ‘privilege as a white male’ to destroy campus pro-life display

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PULLMAN, Wash. – A Washington State University student deployed his “privilege as a white male” to destroy a pro-life display on campus after it offended his sensibilities, then posted about his antics online.

WSU abortion crusader Keaton Aspell wrote that he came across a display of 300 pink crosses stuck in the lawn in front of Holland Library Wednesday shortly after Students for Life at WSU put up the “Cemetery of the Innocent” to honor babies killed by their mothers in the U.S.

Each cross represented “10 children aborted per day in the U.S.” according to a sign at the site, which Aspell also removed on the way between his 10:30 a.m. class and a campus bus stop.

“I walked down through the grass and turned,” Aspell told The Daily Evergreen student news site. “Then I saw the signs and my jaw dropped.”

“I was like, ‘this is disgusting,’” he said. “I don’t think it creates any type of unity. I think it just causes divisiveness and they are just pushing their religious agenda and it really made me mad.”

The student elaborated on the ordeal in a Facebook post that also included a video of him removing the crosses.

“This morning I came across a pro life demonstration and after reading the signs I was absolutely appalled. Although I believe in freedom of speech i (sic) feel that this kind of demonstration has no place on the WSU campus or any campus for that matter,” he wrote.

“Although those who set up the demonstration argued they were trying to stop abortions i (sic) didn’t feel that this was accomplishing that goal at all. Nobody who saw this left more educated or informed and mostly were disgusted, this targeted women who have already got (sic) through the struggle of choosing abortion in order to make them feel guilty,” Aspell continued. “I will continue to use my privilege as a white male to give a voice to those who often are left unheard.”

“The responses I got were ‘thank you for doing it,’ ‘I really appreciate this,’ and ‘that’s disgusting what they are doing’,” Aspell told The Daily Evergreen.

Regardless, Students for Life at WSU president Trisha Mallett said the display had nothing to do with religion, and members dug the signs out of the trash and attempted to restore the display.

That’s when Aspell returned to take it down again.

“I called the police when the angry student came back and claimed that he had taken them down the first time and was angry that he had to take them down again,” Nicole Manzione, a member of the pro-life group, told the student news site. “We tried to have a good conversation with him, calm and civil, and he just kept taking them down no matter what we said.”

A WSU police officer Jacob Spitzer was forced to intervene around 2 p.m. when students on both sides of the issue began to gather at the make-shift cemetery, which was pre-approved by college officials.

After a conversation with Spitzer, Aspell took to Facebook again to issue an “apology.”

“I would like to apologize again to the WSU students for life for destroying their property and thank them for not pressing charges. After realizing my actions were wrong I organized a peaceful protest. I was talked to by the police and realized I had taken an extreme action and was made aware of the legal charges that could be brought up if I were to continue,” he wrote.

“After the police came, myself, along with three other students, went to three different WSU campus offices to see what he had to do to hold a peaceful protest next to the pro-life group, during which we all talked to the club president and had a very civil conversations where we shared our views.”

And while Aspell acknowledged his wrongdoing, he wrote that he “will not apologize for standing up for the women this demonstration attacked and meant to shame.”

The incident prompted an editorial by KIRO radio host Jason Rantz that was published by on Thursday.

Rantz wrote:

So if self-appointed Thought Police Aspell doesn’t think you’re effectively accomplishing your goal, he will destroy the demonstration. …

Aspell is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with too many Progressive millennials. They preach tolerance by silencing any opposition; they scream out against fascism while taking a page out of fascist playbooks. And while he’s not at all the victim, Aspell will pretend to be, all while proudly proclaiming how he, a white man, should get kudos for standing up for women he apparently doesn’t think can stand up for themselves. This is called virtue signaling.

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