WV Against Common Core Holds Town Hall Meeting

Aug 26, 2014 by

The Common Core educational standards have been subject to much controversy throughout the U.S. and now theyre getting attention here in the Mountain State.

Tonight in Bridgeport, the lobbyist group West Virginia Against Common Core held a town hall meeting to inform local residents why they feel Common Core will negatively affect our state. More than 20 politicians were there as well.

Even though politicians were in attendance, officials stressed that this wasn’t a political event. The main concern that the speakers at the event had with common core came from what they called nationalizing education, and they say it takes away power from local school boards.

“Parents will not even know that their students’ data is being given out, and West Virginia has signed agreements allowing the federal government to have access to our student data that’s going to result from these statewide assessments that are based on the Common Core standards,” said Angela Summers, from West Virginia against Common Core.

Others seem to have a problem with the standards of Common Core.

“If it is imposed, a set of standards in math that do not prepare students for careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), then West Virginia students are going to be out of those great jobs in the 21st century,” educational expert Dr. Sandra Stotsky said.

5 News wasn’t able to talk to anyone who was pro-Common Core tonight. Instead, you’ll see more Monday evening.

via WDTV.COM 5 News: WV Against Common Core Holds Town Hall Meeting.

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