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Anthony Watts –

From the “A miracle has occurred” department. It appears that the same people who are dumb enough to glue themselves to pavement to protest climate, apparently have no clue about online security of their own organization.

The 20-year-old climate change activist (left) who glued himself to the road lives with his parents in an emission-spewing five-bedroom mansion with an infinity pool
The 20-year-old climate change activist (left) who glued himself to the road lives with his parents in an emission-spewing five-bedroom mansion with an infinity pool

From what has been discoverd so far, it seems they ran their entire worldwide organization online, but apparently left all the document security settings “public”, so anyone can read them. The XR group seems completely oblivious to the fact that hundreds of their most secret internal documents are readable by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Almost ten years ago, we had Climategate, in which scientists were found to be playing fast and loose with data and techniques to achieve desired results in climate science. Now, it’s the activists turn with ‘XRGate’.

XR is mostly UK based, and UK journos have been looking at the publicly accessible documents. James Delingpole and Paul Homewood of the UK both have done investigative work. Excerpts of both articles they have written today are below.

First, Delingpole:

Exposed? Soros on List of Mega-Rich Extinction Rebellion Backers

An anonymous source claims to have extracted lots of documents from Extinction Rebellion’s computer database and has put them up online.

The documents, if genuine, seem to have been exposed through carelessness on the part of Extinction Rebellion, not a computer hack. Anyway, Paul Homewood has been filleting some of the best bits and here is what he has found.

If verified, this confirms Extinction Rebellion is disturbingly flush and well-funded: over £1 million raised this year, half of it still unspent, according to the documents.

Major donors are said to include — inevitably — George Soros; Vivienne Westwood’s son Joe Corre (the saucy underwear and dildo tycoon, worth $48 million); the European Climate Foundation (which funnels money from far-left American philanthropic foundations to European climate projects); Greenpeace; the far-left Tides Foundation; and a little known Swiss asset management company, called Furka Holdings, founded by a banker with Russian links, which gave £50,000.

Another of their previously revealed donors is the popular beat combo Radiohead.

Here are some of things that the eco-fascist protest group has achieved for its sponsors so far:

  • Prevented a man from saying goodbye to his dying father because their roadblock prevented him getting to hospital in time.
  • Exposed the police to ridicule after one officer was filmed skateboarding to show how down with the green kidz he was during a protest at which Extinction Rebellion had blocked an entire London bridge by turning it into a mini-Glastonbury.
  • Cost the taxpayer at least£16 million for extra policing, plus untold millions more for the cost of dealing with the 1200 Extinction Rebellion activists arrested in 11 days of protests.
  • Threatened to ruin the summer holidays of thousands of travellers with a plan (happily nixed) to use drones to shut down Heathrow Airport.
  • Cost London businesses upwards of £12 million in lost revenues.

Short of actually killing someone – they claim to be non-violent, though let’s see how long that one lasts – it’s hard to imagine what Extinction Rebellion could do that they haven’t done already to show what very nasty pieces of work they are.

So why would anyone wish to give such a wickedly unpleasant organisation money?

One reason, perhaps, is the gulf between how Extinction Rebellion presents its aims publicly and what it actually believes privately.

As was noted in a recent report by Richard Walton – former head of the Metropolitan Police’s Counter-Terrorism Command – Extinction Rebellion is a hard-left extremist organisation with anti-Semitic associations.

“Those encountering Extinction Rebellion should be under no illusions about just how destabilising and extremist their agenda is. Not only is it unclear how their three formal demands could realistically be satisfied, but also it appears unlikely that their actions would end even if government committed to trying to implement them. The words of Extinction Rebellion’s founders and its posts on social media make clear that the objective is system change. This means bringing down our existing democratic system—which several of the campaign’s leading figures hold in contempt—and causing rapid economic disaster for the country. The proponents of this course of action have no serious explanations for how the country would function if their demands were implemented.”

Full story here

Paul Homewood:

Is George Soros Funding Extinction Rebellion?



An enterprising individual has got hold of a lot of documents from Extinction Rebellion’s computer database.

There are all sorts of files on show, containing so much detailed information that they must be genuine. Many contain details on tactics etc.

The one below caught my eye, particularly the third aim, which rather gives the lie to XR’s defenders who say that they are not a bunch of anarchists.



But the real thing I wanted to focus on is the funding side.

There is one spreadsheet file, which keeps track of fundraising projects:



And on the Team 2 tab, listing major donors, we find an entry for George Soros. Intriguingly, the amount has been blanked out, the only donation where this has happened.

One wonders what they want to hide, if the amount is to be kept secret even from their own staff!


In fact, XR are remarkably open about their financing, as their own website links to their list of bank transactions (see “our payments to date”:


Full story here

And it continues, just this morning, another XR document, from “mikexr”, was made available by the anonymous source, and it is chilling. They plan to shut down airports in Europe with drones.


Action proposal for “The European Pause”

This document is an action proposal to pause all flights from airports in Madrid, Paris and either Berlin or Frankfurt (TBD). This will start from October 10th. Dates, locations and other details are preliminary, but could change if new and preferable ideas are forthcoming. Following a 3 week expedition to Europe, speaking with activists to evaluate enthusiasm and probable capacity, the approach outlined below was devised. The strategy mirrors the Heathrow Pause proposal, with local modifications where necessary, and has the potential to cause major, effective disruption with modest numbers of activists.

I. Overview of proposed action

It is important to emphasise that this action is entirely peaceful and non-violent. There is no threat to aircraft, and therefore life, at any point. This is because no drone and aircraft will be in the same area at any time.  We pause flights by flying drones at head height in the vicinity of the airports before any plane approaches the airport, and thus the authorities are obliged to close the airspace; simply, we are there first. Safety is further embedded in every aspect of the action by the 9 safety rules listed in section III.

Step-by-step guide to pausing an airport’s operations:

Publicly declare plan to disrupt the airport a month ahead of time

Determine area in which drone flight of any height is entirely prohibited (this is between 1.5km and 8km radius, TBC by French and German land Spanish lawyers ASAP).

Recruit around 100 rebels per airport who are willing to go to jail

Provide full legal briefing, training, and as much legal support as possible to these rebels

Coordinate large-scale accompanying protests near to the airports, demonstrating broad support for significant disruption while showcasing the creativity and beauty of The European Pause through art, education etc.

On the first day of the pause, before first flights are scheduled, at least two rebels fly drones at head height within this exclusion zone. They then inform authorities of this and wait to be arrested. The airspace is now closed, as we were there first (as the authorities were informed a month ahead of).

To continue the pause, rebels then fly drones within the exclusion zone throughout the day. These rebels should be spread out in both where they operate and when they do so.

Continue until end of scheduled flights, and then repeat the following day.

II. Context of action

This action strategy is extremely efficient in terms of disruption and economic pressure on the authorities, compared to numbers of activists willing to go to jail per day – around 15-25 people to entirely close the airport.

We should therefore fully leverage this strategy whilst still possible. The window of opportunity for this action will be closed, by technological or other means; we just don’t know when.

The 2025 decarbonisation demand is based on the IPCC ‘10-12 years to save the world’ report, but applying principles of climate justice such that the global north and south decarbonise in a relatively just way.

Carbon neutrality by 2025 is a moderate demand, given that IPCC predictions are likely very conservative, yet we are on track to drastically overshoot targets across Europe.

Not meeting this demand likely ensures extinction of most life on Earth

We needs to show the climate movement to be truly pan-European; this is a perfect opportunity to show the true power of rebels outside the UK.

Psychologically, this will prompt fear of contagion by the authorities. The authorities may make unforced errors (e.g. attempts at disproportionate repression), fuelling blowback in the movements favour.

The European Pause’s Theory of Change draws on relevant data to see what works: open, accountable, mass participation civil disobedience; nonviolent actions that are respectful to everyone and involve personal sacrifice from participants; actions that build pressure through economic and social disruption. Actions that follow this model will lead to the necessary system change through our three Demands being met. We submit that this action proposal includes all these elements, and provides a way in which any wishing to act on the truth can do so.

This Heathrow action proposal opens up unique and major strategic possibilities. The peaceful use of drones leads to the closure of the airport. No other tactic can create such decisive economic disruption with the same reliability while being completely safe. In the face of such substantial but peaceful economic disruption, taken by people of obvious good conscience, the authorities are presented with a dilemma in how to react. It should be noted that a significant number of people have already shown interest in participating in this action.

The proposal thus incorporates two key features of successful rebellions: significant economic disruption, and either state capitulation or “filling the jails”. These outcomes will heighten pressure and change the national conversation (move the Overton Window). They will break the “Fear Barrier” identified in the Egyptian Revolution. When enough people are prepared to risk going to prison, they and others will have overcome the main obstacle to successful rebellion: fear. Fear is the way governments control people. Once the fear is gone, the way is clear for our three Demands to be met, and the necessary system change can take place.

Unfortunately, the data suggests that people being willing to go to prison is an essential part of bringing about the needed system change. We will ensure that those who are willing to go to prison will be supported in doing so. No one will be placed under any pressure to do this. We will help people to make informed decisions about their actions, asking them to consider best and worst case legal scenarios, and the impact on their personal lives. We will do our best to mitigate for power in all decision making processes and are open to ideas. We will also provide additional support to those from diverse backgrounds wishing to participate in this action in any way, and ensure the action includes a range of ways to engage and participate, not all of them arrestable/imprisonable.

NB. It is important to note and be aware that those coming from white and middle class backgrounds will likely have different / better experiences of the criminal justice system, as compared to people of colour and of lower socio-economic status.

IV. Reasons for timing of action
– Rebels from across Europe are already coming together for rebels without borders action
– It is expected that the Heathrow Pause on September 13th will drive up rebel participation for the European pause
– Can learn from Heathrow Pause to improve the European Pause.
– The authorities may find ways to counter this type of action (changing laws, prohibiting drones which can fly near airports etc), so this should be pursued with urgency.
– Pausing three airports simultaneously just 3 weeks after the Heathrow Pause will be significant pressure building
– Starting on 10th gives rebels 3 days to participate in the blockades, starting October 7th, before carrying out the action
– Having 3 days of blockade before the action builds substantial pressure on the authorities
o A variety of actions, such as the DLR action, contributed to success of the April rebellion. The media like variety and will ‘lose interest’ unless things change.

This is a developing story, there will be more coverage as journalists comb through the cache of documents.


Josh come through as usual:

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