Yes, Now is the Perfect Time for an Online Tourism Degree. Here’s Why

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Working in tourism can be a lot of fun. If you like to work with people and you enjoy showing people everything your region has to offer, then you might be well-suited to a job in tourism. But in early 2020 when the world shut down in response to COVID-19, almost all travel and tourism came to a screeching halt.

Right now, most people wouldn’t advise anyone to get into the tourism industry. But if you’ve been looking into hospitality and tourism degrees online, you might be surprised to learn that now is actually the perfect time to pursue your dream. Here’s why.

What’s Involved in an Online Tourism Degree?  

If you’re considering hospitality and tourism degrees online, you should know that there are several options. Getting a degree will significantly improve your job prospects and enable you to earn more within the hospitality field.

You can choose to get a bachelor’s degree in restaurant and food service management or hospitality management. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, a hospitality and tourism management master’s degree might be a good choice. Like any online degree, you can complete the requirements virtually and take your classes without ever setting foot in a physical classroom.

Hospitality is all about helping people to have the best possible experience. You’ll learn how to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, improve your communication skills, and learn customer service techniques that will help you be successful in the industry.

Advance Your Career Without Having to Quit Your Job

If you want to go back to school to complete your degree or you’re interested in switching careers, then exploring hospitality and tourism degrees online is a great choice. A high-quality online program can allow you to advance your career while allowing you the flexibility to continue working while you study.

Getting a master’s degree in hospitality is also a great choice if you already have a bachelor’s degree. If you already work in the hospitality industry, you’ll be able to apply your learning as you go. Master’s programs are usually more intense than bachelor’s programs but require fewer credits for graduation. There are so many benefits of going back to school, including increased earning potential and more advanced skills.

The Hospitality Industry is Continuing to Grow 

It’s true, COVID has made international travel almost impossible for the time being. But despite that, people are still taking vacations. They’re just staying a little closer to home for the time being!

The opportunities are still there. The industry is shifting, yes, but it will continue to grow, especially after the immediate threat of COVID has died down. It’s very likely that there will be pent-up demand in the industry, especially for those traveling internationally.

Right now is a great time to learn about catering to local travelers. They have slightly different needs than people traveling from overseas and might have their own transportation. With an industry in transition, it’s a great opportunity to learn about alternative activities and understand how to keep a hospitality business thriving during periods of uncertainty.

COVID Allowing for Time to Study and Gain Skills 

When you stop and think about it, getting a degree right now makes a lot of sense. Many social activities are off the table due to COVID-19, and most people have more time on their hands for online education. Even if you are working, you might have more free time than you would ordinarily.

Studying for any degree takes time, effort, and persistence. You need to be able to focus and do your homework! Having something to focus on will also help you get through COVID and gain skills that you can use in the future.

Even though tourism is suffering due to the pandemic, it won’t be like this forever. There will always be opportunities in this field, regardless of the state of the economy. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to prepare. Getting a degree takes time and you want to be ready for when the right opportunity comes up.

A career in hospitality can be extremely fulfilling, dynamic, and fun. What could be better than helping people to relax and enjoy themselves? Get started now and get ready for a career that will be fun and interesting for years to come!

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