‘You are college material’: Big push from educators starts this week

Nov 8, 2015 by

More than 80 high schools across the state are participating in Utah College Application Week, hoping to help as many as 20,000 students apply and work toward a postsecondary education.

On a recent morning, a diverse group of nervous, yet excited students met in the counselling center at Cottonwood High School.

Collectively, they represented three continents and multiple languages, each student with their own story of how they and their families came to live in Utah, many of them as refugees.

But the students and their fellow seniors at Cottonwood High School will take a step together this month that they and their teachers hope will lead to personal fulfillment in life stories yet to be told.

It all starts with a college application.

Ivonn Celis, whose family came from Mexico five years ago, said she plans to study dental hygiene at either Salt Lake Community College or Utah Valley University.

“I’m excited to start learning more about my career and getting to where I want to be in life,” Celis said after submitting her applications. “I want to have a career for the future that I would know I would have a job wherever I go, but also because I want to be the second one to go to college in my family.”

Source: ‘You are college material’: Big push from educators starts this week | Deseret News

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