Young educators need support

Oct 18, 2017 by

Paula Herbart –

‘I knew that if I became a teacher, I was going to be a good one. I was going to be there for my students, no matter what. I was going to advocate for my students, and not just for my students, but for the staff and colleagues I’m going to be working with.”

That quote describes the passion and dedication shown by many young educators as they head into the classroom. In this case, they’re the words of Kaileigh Schippa, a first year preschool teacher in Wayne-Westland, talking about her chosen profession.

You can hear the passion when new educators describe their students and the effort they put into their work in the classroom. That emotion begins long before they get their first teaching jobs — and it becomes a driving force as they work through the rigorous five-year process of becoming teachers in our colleges of education.

A video the Michigan Education Association recently released features new and soon-to-be teachers, who talk about their journey to the classroom. The early career educators in the video tell why they chose the profession and how they plan to make a difference in the lives of their students. The video can be viewed at

But passion alone isn’t enough — determination is a must for new and prospective teachers as well.

Source: Opinion: Young educators need support

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