Your Bedroom and Your Health

Feb 8, 2018 by

When you think of your house or apartment, what room comes to mind first? Some will say the kitchen because it’s the place where they cook and consume their favorite meals with the family. Others will say the living room because it’s where they go to unwind and kick up their feet after a long day at the office. But what about your bedroom? How does that fit into the equation? If we get the recommended eight hours of sleep at night, that means we’re spending roughly a third of our lives in our bedroom, but yet it’s still an easy place to take for granted. Maybe we think, “All I do is sleep there!” But there’s a lot more to the story than that. Before you can sleep, you have to be able to relax, and if your bedroom isn’t a good place to relax, then it’s going to affect your overall health more than you realize.

A comfortable bed

Most people hate mattress shopping. It’s such a pain to throw out your old mattress and get a new one. It doesn’t matter that there seems to be a mattress shop on every street corner of your hometown; it’s still not something that anyone looks forward to. But if your mattress isn’t working for you anymore, it’s time to replace it. Look for a mattress that sags or doesn’t seem to offer as much support as it used to. If you wake up with an aching back and a sore neck, that’s another indication that something is amiss. If you’re sure that your mattress is still in good working order, then it might be something else like your pillow. There are firm and soft pillows, and many of us prefer one or the other, but is that pillow really giving you enough support? Even more restless sleepers should be able to wake up without feeling like they got hit by an 18-wheeler in their sleep. Sometimes it’s a good idea to look into pillows that aren’t sold at your neighborhood big box store. Something like a Mediflow pillow offers more back and neck support than your average pillow. Good neck and back alignment is critical, as it can mean the difference between waking up well-rested and waking up cranky.

Soothing decor

Once the bed is taken care of, it’s time to take a look at your bedroom walls. Are they white and empty? We all need something to look at when we’re trying to go to sleep, and ideally, the thing we’re looking at will not be a smartphone. The glare of a smartphone screen can trick our bodies into thinking it’s still daytime, and that makes it even harder to get to sleep at a decent hour. So take a book or magazine to bed with you instead of an iPhone, and make sure you have pleasant paintings or photos on your wall. Don’t limit yourself to typical framed photos, either. Take your best photographs and turn them into canvas prints. That way, when you’re drifting off to sleep at night, you can look up at a photo of you and your spouse on your wedding day and smile. You want to hold good thoughts in your head as you’re falling asleep, and high-quality canvas prints can help you do that.

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