Your University of Phoenix Business Degree: Five Exciting Career Paths You Can Take

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Today’s academic landscape offers tremendous opportunities to people seeking college degrees. More colleges than ever before offer accessible programs with online learning, evening classes and other flexible options. These considerations help cater to non-traditional students or those whose life experiences extend beyond the scope of what are typically thought of as a typical college student.

When it comes to higher education programs, business degrees top the list as the most popular for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

  • 19.5% of college students graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business
  • 23.4% of college students in graduate studies programs receive their master’s in business

According to the Digest of Education Statistics, 390,564 students obtained business degrees in the United States from 2018-2019, placing it in the number one position.

The career paths you can take with a business degree are very diverse, especially when you add specializations like marketing or human resources.

Deciding Whether a Business Degree Is Right For You

Earning a business degree can be the first step to a career in business. This can lay the foundation for the many opportunities in corporate environments, but you may want to focus on a specialization to make you an even stronger candidate.

If you are unsure about which business career path to pursue, you may want to explore internship or volunteer opportunities. These can give you exposure to various options in business and help you decide what could be a fit for your interests. Having hands-on experience in an area can also give you more credibility in the job market.

Starting your own small business is another option. You do not need to found a large enterprise. Instead, consider a side business that can give you the space to put your skills into practice and learn where you may need to learn more. This can also help you see the inner workings of business and which areas are of interest to you. With a clearer idea of how a business degree can help you move forward, you can apply what you learn to the classroom and vice versa.

What Types of Business Degrees Are Available?

When you are just beginning your academic adventure, the many degree options available may seem daunting. There are really just a handful of areas in business to consider at a high level:

  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting

At University of Phoenix, students can build out their business degree to best serve their own career aspirations. The specializations and concentrations you can add to your degree expand those options to create a personalized program just for you. Consider the areas that appeal to you the most when it comes to your goals and experience. The University offers a wide selection of business degree programs and specializations at different levels:

  • Associate of Arts with a Concentration in Business Fundamentals
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Business
  • Bachelor of Science in Management

Certificates are also available in Business Analytics, Financial Planning, General Management and Marketing. You can also add an Associate of Arts with Concentration in Business Fundamentals to many of the degree programs listed. This can help round out your business education even further.

What Are Some Business Degree Careers?

A business degree is applicable in some way in every industry. This allows for a wide range of career options. The vast majority of businesses need accountants and teams to manage company finances. Most businesses need marketing and business development managers in order to remain relevant in their industry and keep up with the competition.

All of these positions fall under an education in business. Some careers you can pursue with a business degree include:

  • Actuary
  • Financial Advisor
  • Research Analyst
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Controller
  • Investment Banker
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Loan Officer
  • Project Manager

These positions are not only available in corporate or private sector jobs but government jobs as well.

How Do I Get Started with a Business Degree at University of Phoenix?

The Bachelor of Science in Business degree program at University of Phoenix can prepare you for a career in management, accounting, marketing and more in a wide range of industries. Students can select a concentration to align their education to their specific career goals.

University of Phoenix degree programs are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of adults who are already working or raising a family. The classes are five weeks long and offered with different start dates throughout the year so you can start your studies at a time that best fits your schedule.

On average, it takes four years to complete the studies required to complete a bachelor’s degree program. Your own experience may be shorter or longer depending on your other commitments and time constraints. At University of Phoenix, a Bachelor of Science degree requires 120 credits including:

  • 14 Core Courses
  • 12 General Education Courses
  • 14 Elective Courses

Credits earned from other universities may also be transferable. An admissions advisor can help you find out if you are eligible. The University also awards credits through our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for some candidates. Through the PLA, relevant work and life experience is evaluated for potential credit. Work training and certifications are also evaluated for potential credit.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is primarily focused on online learning with programs designed to work with busy schedules. Adult learners are able to juggle work, family, and home while incorporating their education into the mix. To learn more about all that University of Phoenix has to offer, visit our website or call to talk to an enrollment counselor today.

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