Google-owned YouTube on Monday banned right-wing commentator James Allsup (450,000+ subscribers) and a bunch of other right-wingers for “hate speech” despite many having no strikes on their channels.The move comes just days after the Anti-Defamation League released what some have called a “hit list” calling for 30 Christian and right-wing channels to be banned for “anti-Semitism.”

Allsup said on Gab after YouTube banned his channel that he “had no channel strikes, no violations, nothing- simply an email telling me that my livelihood, my means to exercise my political voice, my business I’d built over almost three years, was taken away from me.”

Everyone above banned was on the ADL’s list.

Last week, two right-wing British YouTubers were also purged.

The Red Elephants has a list of channels that have been banned in the past and links to users’ backup BitChute accounts.Expect this list to expand endlessly as our ruling oligarchs scramble to shut down all alt-media which runs counter to their rapidly crumbling narrative.

The burning of the Library of Alexandria doesn’t hold a candle to the modern-day techno-book burning actively being carried out by Big Tech.

Thousands of channels whose videos collectively had literally billions of views have been deleted and nearly the entire internet (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Twitter) has been reengineered to prevent people from finding any independent media while a tiny group of whitelisted fake media propaganda sites are being artificially boosted and shoved down everyone’s throats.

All 7.5 billion people on this planet should ask why the ADL and a tiny group of Silicon Valley oligarchs are allowed to decide who can or cannot have a voice and share their views in our modern digital public square.

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