YouTube censors clip as ‘hate speech’ for exposing anti-Semitism

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Shortly after MEMRI TV posted a clip exposing a Jordanian political commentator for calling the Holocaust “the greatest lie in modern history,” YouTube quickly censored the pro-Israel group’s video as “hate speech.”

anti-SemitismThe anti-Semitic rant by Sufyan Tal was broadcasted on Lebanon’s Islamic Al-Quds TV on November 11, 2018, and YouTube wasted no time censoring MEMRI TV’s channel once it posted the video clip, indicating that it was offensive to its Muslim audience because it exposed the Lebanese station’s hatred for Jews.

“Many of the world’s scientists have proven that the Holocaust is the greatest lie in modern history,” Tal claimed on the  clip exposed by MEMRI TV’s YouTube channel. “According to the statistics of the Jews themselves, six million Jews could not possibly have been killed by the Nazis – unless each Jewish woman would have had to have given birth three times a year, according to some studies [to reach that number].”

Anti-Semitism OK, anti-Islam intolerable

YouTube was quick to adhere to its pro-Muslim stance by censoring MEMRI in numerous ways.

“YouTube has disabled features – ads, comments, likes, and suggested videos – for the clip, and has labeled it with [a] warning …” MEMRI announced.

Even though most Jews and advocates of Israel would take offence to the Muslim commentator trivializing and diminishing the horrific nature of the Holocaust, YouTube was apparently only concerned with offending Muslims.

“The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences,” YouTube warned MEMRI on its YouTube channel.

In its campaign to fight anti-Semitism by exposing the Islamic community’s hatred of the Jewish people, the pro-Israel organization is now experiencing hurdles thrown at it by YouTube, which has made it a priority to shed Islam in a positive light.

“The MEMRI TV clip is part of the Tom Lantos Archives on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial Project that translates and exposes anti-Semitism in the Arab and Muslim world and informs efforts, including policies, strategies, and legislative initiatives, to counter antisemitism,” MEMRI pointed out. “By limiting the clip’s distribution, YouTube is preventing the exposure of antisemitism and curtailing the fight against it.”

Recreating history for a Muslim audience

The Muslim Lebanese commentator did not hold back his tainted and unsubstantiated anti-Israel worldview on history.

“These media machines are recruited to turn facts upside down, to lie to the whole world and to make it believe the Jewish-Zionist myths,” Tal contended in the clip divulged by MEMRI TV. “Take, for example, the story about the Holocaust – now that many of the world’s scientists have proven that the Holocaust is the greatest lie in modern history …”

The Islamic journalist did not hold back when disseminating false and misleading information to his television viewers about the Jews.

“According to this lie, six million Jews were killed in the gas chambers,” Tal continued. “Researchers have proven that this lie is illogical and absurd, because according to the statistics of the Jews themselves – before, after and during the Holocaust …”

Even though anti-Semitism has been spreading rapidly throughout Europe – which had welcomed Muslim immigrants fleeing Islamic nations in the so-called “refugee crisis” – Tal insisted that Jews have received biased treatment throughout the continent.

“Nevertheless, the Zionists have managed to gain media hegemony in Europe – Germany, France, England – and they made laws that punish anyone who doubts or denies the Holocaust, even if it were [Arnold] Toynbee or another historian of his stature,” Tal argued on the Lebanese TV station.

Exposing the lie

Such broadcasts inciting hatred of the Jewish people have been targeted by MEMRI, which has campaigned to expose anti-Semitism espoused by Muslims that has portrayed and condemned Israel as an apartheid state that oppresses the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

“MEMRI explains its Lantos project documents anti-Semitic themes and maintains the largest archive in the world of translated anti-Semitic content from the Middle East from the past decade,” WND reported.

The pro-Israel group strives to counter the pro-Palestinian bias projected by the mainstream media throughout the world that criminalizes Israel while making its Palestinian neighbors out to be victims of a ruthless Jewish State.

“MEMRI’s objective in highlighting the work of the Lantos Project is to bring the issue of anti-Semitism to media, to present evidence so that legal countermeasures can be taken and to inform policy makers in order to provide the informational infrastructure for policies, strategies and legislative initiatives to counter antisemitism,” MEMRI pointed out.

The group also serves as a valuable resource for academic institutions to enhance research on anti-Semitism and educate younger generations in the truth about Israel, its history and the Jewish people.

Source: YouTube censors clip as ‘hate speech’ for exposing anti-Semitism

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